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European Health Policy

Joint letters to MEPs on protecting the strength of BECA’s cross-party consensus on cancer prevention during the plenary vote on the BECA report – February 2022

Joint letter #1 initiated by ECDA

Joint letter #2 initiated by Eurocare

Joint statement ‘No dreams for a European Health Union without a triple WWW EU4Health Programme’ – November 2020

Joint statement on transparency & investment in the EU Vaccines Strategy – September 2020

Joint statement ‘Harvesting long-term health benefits of #EU4health’ – September 2020

Special report ‘European response to the WHO call to eliminate cervical cancer as a public health problem’ – July 2020

ECL-ACF joint statement re interim report of Horizon Europe’s Cancer Mission – July 2020

Joint statement ‘EU health organisations react to cuts in #EU4health’ – July 2020

ECL Amendments to EU4Health Programme Regulation – July 2020

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Joint Statement ‘COVID-19 and Brexit – Protecting patients across Europe from pandemics’ – June 2020

Joint Statement ‘COVID-19 has shown EU action on health is more urgently
needed than ever’ – May 2020

Open Letter to decision-makers re transparency in the spending of public resources  – March 2020

ECL’s vision towards Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan  – February 2020

Letter to decision-makers re protection of the interests of cancer patients & medical research after Brexit – January 2020 

ECL Cancer Mission Statement – September 2019

Letter to David Davis and Michel Barnier: 11 UK and EU Health NGOs call for Protection of Patients after Brexit – March 2018

World Cancer Day 2018 ECL-CRUK-SIOPE Press Release

EU: Do More For Health Campaign
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  For advocacy related to cancer prevention, please see this page.

For advocacy related to cancer screening, please see this page.

For advocacy related to access to cancer treatments, please see this page.

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