About cancer screening

In the European Union, screening is recommended for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer when offered as part of an organised programme with adequate resources for high quality. Organised screening programmes are recommended in the European Union because they employ a team of people responsible for ensuring the quality of the services provided. That includes checking that guidelines are followed and that the results of the screening programme are regularly reported and evaluated.

As of 2016, 25 EU member states were planning, piloting, or rolling out population-based breast cancer screening programmes; 22 EU member states were doing likewise for cervical cancer screening, and 23 EU member states were in preparation or implementing colorectal cancer screening programmes.

Comprehensive guidelines covering all aspects of bowel, breast and cervical cancer screening have been developed by experts and published by the European Commission. These European Guidelines provide guiding principles and detailed protocols, standards and recommendation that, if followed, ensure that screening services of high quality are provided to the population.


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Breast cancer screening

Colorectal cancer screening

Cervical cancer screening