MAC Events

Transformational Change for Children and Adolescents with Cancer in Europe 
30 September 2021


News release

Europe’s path to the Tobacco Products Directive 3.0 
29 June 2021


Joint recommendations

How can EU4Health and Horizon Europe programmes improve access to diagnosis, treatment and care for paediatric cancer patients? 
8 September 2020


Report & Agenda

Shortages of Inexpensive, Essential Medicines: Calling for Tangible Political Commitments in the EU
2 April 2019

Cancer, Body Weight and Healthy Diet
17 October 2018

Let’s Talk Access: Launch of ECL White Paper
10 October 2018

See the Press Release here
White Paper available here


Celebrating 20 Years of Progress In Paediatric Haemato-Oncology in Europe
25 September 2018

Early Diagnosis & Cancer of Unknown Primary
26 June 2018
Meeting’s Press Release

Skin Cancer Registries in Europe: From Knowledge to Action
20 June 2018

Recognising Cancer Nursing in Europe
16 May 2018 

Quality of Cancer Care
6 March 2018 

Re-innovate Cancer Treatment: The Potential of Re-purposed Drugs
27 February 2018 

Improving outcome,
driving efficiency in cancer care:
How do we learn from best practice?
30 January 2018 

Alcohol & Cancer
23 November 2017

Occupational Cancer in Firefighters
28 September 2017

Sunbed Use: All Cost, No Benefit
22 June 2017

Skin Cancer: Safe Work under the Sun
27 March 2018 

Cancer Screening in the EU
1 June 2017

World Cancer Day 2017:
MEPs Against Cancer Statement
4 February 2017