Cancer & COVID-19 Hub

ECL is aware of the challenges the pandemic is creating to cancer patients and survivors, caregivers, health professionals and cancer charities

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every aspect of healthcare provision – cancer care is no exception. People living with cancer may represent a high-risk group. Some evidence show that they are more likely to contract coronavirus and, because of their underlying health issues and their treatment, are more likely to become seriously ill. As health systems across the EU and beyond struggle to cope with the number of coronavirus patients, limited access to care and delays in cancer screening and treatment are putting thousands of lives at risk.

The pandemic is also affecting ECL’s members and collaborators, as the downturn in the economy is heavily impacting the funding and revenue streams of cancer charities and cancer research.

This page features resources and announcements from cancer leagues within ECL’s membership and network of partners and collaborators and will be regularly updated as we receive more resources.

ECL’s Activities related to the COVID-19 pandemic

APRIL 2020

MAY 2020

JUNE 2020

JULY 2020

  • Article ‘Tackling cervical cancer in Europe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic’
  • Call for Action to national governments and European Commission about ensuring  access to cancer services in the time of COVID-19


  • ECL  joined the UICC-initiatied global Covid-19 & Cancer Taskforce in order to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and data as well as to help assessing the impact of COVID-19 on cancer outcomes. See all members of the Taskforce here



Looking for country-specific info? See COVID-19 hubs of national cancer societies! 
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