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This page features resources, publications, and other useful updates on cancer screening in Europe. Read about key news, developments and research updates.

European and global guidelines and news articles

Key issues to be considered while revising the 
annex of the European Council Recommendation 2003 on
cancer screening – International Journal of Cancer

Short guide to increasing effectiveness, maximizing benefits and minimizing harm  of screening programmes – WHO (2020)

 Easy Guide to Cancer Screening in the EU: Lay version – ECL (2018)

 Policy brief on screening: when is it appropriate and how can we get it right? – WHO Europe (2020)

  Reduced Lung-Cancer Mortality with Volume CT Screening in a Randomized Trial –  New England Journal of Medicine (2020)

 Cancer Screening in the EU: 2nd Implementation Report – European Commission (2017)

Breast cancer screening

Performance indicators in breast cancer screening in the EU – International Journal of Cancer (2020)

Latest European guidelines on breast cancer screening & diagnosis – ECIBC (2020)

 Breast cancer screening factsheet – CanScreen5 (2019) 

Article about the Guideline Development Group of the ECIBC (2019) 

Monitoring and evaluation of breast cancer screening programmes –  BMC Cancer (2020)

Guidelines on the management of breast cancer screening & care during COVID-19 –  ECIBC (2020)

Systematic review of the impact of organised screening on breast cancer mortality – European Journal of Cancer  (2019)

Overview of the European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer (ECIBC)

Cervical cancer screening

Global strategy to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer as a public health problem – WHO (2020)

 Technical guidance and specifications of medical devices for screening and treatment of precancerous lesions in the prevention of cervical cancer – WHO (2020)

Systematic review of the impact of organised screening on cervical cancer mortality – European Journal of Cancer  (2019)

Toolkit for Cervical Cancer Prevention & Control – WHO (2018)

Introducing and scaling up testing for human papillomavirus as part of a comprehensive programme for prevention and control of cervical cancer  – WHO (2020) 

Effect of organised cervical cancer screening on cervical cancer mortality in Europe – European Journal of Cancer (2020) 

Cervical cancer screening fact sheet – CanScreen5 (2019) 

A population-based cohort study on the introduction of primary screening using high-risk HPV DNA detection in the Dutch cervical cancer screening programme – BMC Medicine (2019) 

Colorectal cancer screening

 Colorectal cancer screening fact sheet – CanScreen5 (2019) 

Systematic review of the impact of Impact of colorectal cancer screening on cancer-specific mortality in Europe – Europea Journal of Cancer (2019) 

Colorectal Cancer Screening – IARC Handbooks of Cancer Prevention (2019)