ECL Sun Safety Recommendations

ECL Sun Safety Recommendations outline the key steps you can take to protect yourself in the sun.  The recommendations provide 9 key messages based on the latest available scientific evidence about the causes of skin cancer and the effective ways to reduce skin cancer risk. 

First published in 2008, the ECL Sun Safety Recommendations have been revised following an online consultation of cancer leagues and external partners, and were adopted in April 2018 during a dedicated technical workshop involving leading experts in the field.

Exposure from Ultraviolet (UV) rays – from the sun and sunbeds / solariums – is the leading cause of skin cancer.  Therefore, the messages are designed to prioritise those actions to be taken to protect against excessive exposure: limiting time in the sun, seeking shade, wearing protective clothing, and sensible use of sunscreen.  Of special importance is the advice to protect children from sun exposure as the earlier in life your skin is exposed, the more time the damage will have to accumulate.  The rapid growth in the body during childhood makes them especially vulnerable to dame from the sun. 

ECL thanks Garnier International for their support in our sun safety and capacity building activities.  All external funding are strictly in line with our Transparency Statement.