The 7th Tobacco Control Scale

The new Tobacco Control Scale launched at the 8th European Conference on Tobacco or Health (ECToH) showed United Kingdom as a fifth time winner while three countries, Austria, Germany and Luxembourg continue to disappoint with extremely poor scores. The new ranking report described the results of a survey of tobacco control activity in 36 European countries in 2019.

The tobacco control scale quantifies the implementation of tobacco control policies at country level, and is based on key policies described by the World Bank, which they say should be prioritised in a comprehensive tobacco control programme.

Israel  was included in our survey for the first time and was doing well on pricing, advertising restrictions and smoke free policies.

Compared to 2016, three countries (Slovenia, Greece and Austria) made huge progress and improved their score. Overall, countries which failed to undertake new initiatives lost points and fell in the ranking. The countries that are leading tobacco control in Europe are those that have comprehensive tobacco control policies.

Nine countries in the scale (UK, France, Ireland, Hungary, Norway, Slovenia, Turkey, Israel and Belgium) adopted plain packaging legislation, although Israel and Hungary had not yet implemented their legislation on 1 January 2020.

Since 2013, 13 countries have introduced a smoking ban in private cars when minors are present (Ireland, UK, France, Finland, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Austria, Greece and Belgium).

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