Sólveig is a third year medical student at the University of Iceland, finishing her bachelor’s degree June 2018. She is vice president of the Icelandic Medical Student Association (IMSA). Over the past two years Sólveig has been doing a research project at the Icelandic Cancer Registry focusing on the BRCA2 founder mutation in Iceland. As a part of that work she participated in the Nordic Summer School in Cancer Epidemiology which is organised by The Association of the Nordic Cancer Registries (ANCR). Sólveig says: “It has been very inspiring for me to do research at the Icelandic Cancer Registry and I want to push that work further. I am interested in preventive measures for cancer and I think we can achieve a lot in Iceland by strengthening these measures.” This summer she will be working at the Icelandic Cancer Registry to implement quality registration for cancer in female organs in Iceland.