Become a Member

Grow your network
  • Join the only platform dedicated exclusively to national and regional cancer societies in Europe, which currently connects 30 members in 25 countries
  • Participate in ECL’s Working Groups
  • Connect with peers in cancer leagues to collaborate on the implementation of the European Code against Cancer and on joint priorities set by the ECL Prevention & Early Detection Working Group
  • Support the ECL Access to Medicines Task Force and become a key voice on equal access for cancer patients in Europe
  • Contribute to improvement of the quality of life of cancer patients and survivors within the Patient Support Working Group

Engage with ECL partners such as World Health Organization (WHO), International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Cancer Prevention Europe (CPE), European Cancer Organisation, European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC), European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and the Health & Environment Alliance (HEAL).

Make your voice heard
  • Contribute to cancer control advocacy in the EU
  • Meet with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), in particular via the MEPs Against Cancer (MAC) interest group, for which ECL provides Secretariat
    Be involved in EU projects dedicated to coordinated intergovernmental action on cancer (e.g. Horizon 2020, EU Joint Actions)
  • Contribute to multi-stakeholder platforms coordinated by the European Commission where ECL is a member
  • Receive updates on initiatives and meetings at the EU and pan-European level and contribute to policies through stakeholder meetings and consultations
Boost your impact

Receive financial support to participate in the following:

  • Full reimbursement for attendance to selected EU project meetings, such as the workshops related to the European Code Against Cancer
  • 50% subsidy for lower-income leagues to attend the ECL Patient Support Working Group and the ECL Access to Medicines Task Force meetings
  • Discounts or waivers of fees for international meetings negotiated by the ECL Secretariat & priority access to grants offered by ECL partners (ECCO, ESMO, etc.)
  • Have the opportunity to host international meetings, such as the ECL Annual Conference and General Assembly, working groups’ meetings, and the triennial European Conference on Tobacco or Health (
Membership fees

ECL is funded through an Operating Grant via the EU4Health programme (and was funded under the EU Health Programme between 2014-2021)  and through membership fees. Membership fees are calculated at 0.1% of the league’s income, with a minimum of €1,500 and a maximum capped at €14,500. ECL also receives an unrestricted grant from Garnier International.

If you are a non-governmental and non-profit national or regional cancer organisation working on all aspects of cancer and for all types of cancers, including prevention, access to medicines, patient services, etc, with a European remit, please join us today by submitting a letter expressing your interest to ECL(at)

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