Jade is a Policy/COVAX Intern at Gavi – the Vaccine Alliance. She recently gained her PhD from the Centre for the Evaluation of Vaccination (CEV), University of Antwerp. She studied Biomedical Sciences (2011-2016), majoring in Infectious and Tropical Diseases, and acquired international experience during her Master dissertation at the Medical Research Council in The Gambia. In December 2016, she was granted a PhD Fellowship titled ‘Non-invasive self-sampling for follow-up of preventive and therapeutic interventions to control Human papillomavirus (HPV)’ by the Royal Belgian Academy of Medicine. During her doctoral fellowship, she assisted in the organisation and implementation of the annual CEV’s Summer School on Vaccinology, which aims to train future healthcare workers on all aspects of vaccinology, including safety, trust, and communication. Jade is also supported the coordination of the HPV Prevention and Control Board’s meetings. The latter aims at disseminating evidence-based information on HPV amongst a variety of stakeholders.