Dr. Yeva Margaryan is the Executive Director of the Institute of Cancer and Crisis, an independent not-for-profit organization that was established in 2021 in Yerevan (Armenia). This organisation aims to raise awareness about the barriers to cancer prevention, cancer care, and diagnosis in crisis-affected settings and to explore and mitigate the impact of the crisis on cancer patients and cancer care during and after the crisis, through dedicated research and advocacy.

Yeva is a medicine and public health graduate and is passionate about cancer prevention and cancer. She is particularly interested in vaccination and cancer screening messages 11 and 12 of the European Code Against Cancer. Yeva has attended the summer school on vaccinology in Antwerp and conducted research projects on HPV vaccine acceptance among parents of school-age girls residing in Armenia. She is currently involved in research projects exploring the availability of cancer treatment, cancer prevention, and cancer screening in crisis-affected regions.