WG Affordability

The vision of the Task Force is to ensure sustainable prices for all effective and innovative cancer treatments now and in the future, by working together toward increased pricing transparency of medicines, with the goal of keeping them accessible to patients. As stated in the Declaration of Intent, patients cannot suffer from limitations in access due to dysfunctional systems and/or unsustainable financial and pricing arrangements in the prescription of medicines.

We believe that innovation needs a sustainable system to land on. A system that is capable of addressing the needs of the patients now and in the future. A system that can be financed for years to come. A sustainable health system is a prerequisite for getting the best medical attention. Our aim is to achieve fair prices of treatments with significant added value.


Achieve greater bargaining power for governments in the pricing negotiations with the industry.

How? By increasing transparency on prices of medicines and encouraging countries toward greater international cooperation.


Achieve a fair and affordable price for medicines.

How? Starting with a universal definition of a fair price and working toward an uptake of a sustainable pricing model.