Vanesa is currently a graduating student of C.S. Lewis Bilingual High School. She is preparing for her higher education studies and her later work in the medical field. From an early age, she has been inspired by the work of Liga Proti Rakovine (League Against Cancer, LPR for short), where she has the opportunity to look into this issue and fully immerse herself in their ideas, where it is the people who come first. By means of the vast number of projects managed by LPR varied from the physical, educative, and creative activities provided by the Help centers, oncopsychological counseling, relaxing stays, and financial aids for the patients they display their genuine interest in patients and their loved ones for over 30 years free of charge.

The acquaintance with LPRs work enabled her to discover the desire to contribute and become a part of the YA, all along with being the part of LPR. In her free time, she is actively involved in sports activities and working with children. She is fully committed to helping with the spreading of the ideas of the ECL and their emphasis on prevention.