Transparency Statement

Transparency Statement
ECL operates in accordance with the following transparency policy in its activities in order to ensure the highest level of ethical standards and conduct: ECL relies mainly on its member organisations to fund the running of the Secretariat, activities, and services. Industry funding is accepted only in the form of unrestricted educational grants for specific projects and activities at the discretion of the ECL Board. We do not accept any support from the tobacco industry, or any other companies who produce products that are deemed harmful to health. ECL has a transparent accounting policy. ECL accounts are reviewed by an independent auditor on a yearly basis, and are available upon request. The ECL auditor’s report, budget, income and expenditure are submitted each year for approval by our members at the extraordinary general assembly in June and at the regular general assembly end of the year. Our finances are publicly available in our Annual Reports, which are disseminated to all members and published online on our website.

In order to further develop its work, ECL welcomes support from individuals and organisations who wish to help in its mission. Should you wish to do so, donations of any amount can be made to:

Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL)
Chaussée de Louvain, 479
B- 1030 Brussels, Belgium

Bank: Fortis, Place Meiser, 9 B-1030 Bruxelles, Belgium
Account number: 001-4405805-44
IBAN: BE55 001 440580544
Ref: Donation to European Cancer Leagues

As per ECL’s 2019 audited accounts. More information about ECL’s funding can be found in the 2019 Annual Report.