Sara is ECL’s Policy Officer for Cancer Prevention and Survivorship. She coordinates the ECL Prevention and Early Detection Working Group (P&ED WG) and the Patient Support Working Group (PSWG). 

Sara actively contributes to ECL’s advocacy activities and engagement with EU institutions and stakeholders active in the fight against cancer, including the MEPs Against Cancer Interest Group at the European Parliament. She also monitors political and regulatory developments of impact on the cancer community in the areas of prevention, early detection, patient support, and survivorship. 

Sara is a recent graduate of the Advanced Master’s in Global Health jointly offered by a consortium of Flemish Universities, during which she majored in Global Health Policies and Programmes. She also holds an MSc in East Asian International Relations from the University of Edinburgh, and a BA in East Asian Studies.

Sara’s previous professional experiences include health policy research and journalism and covered a variety of topics, including South-South health cooperation in disease outbreak response, international pharmaceutical cooperation, preventive policies for cervical cancer, and gender as a health determinant. Prior to joining ECL, she worked at the European Commission’s DG SANTE as part of a Blue Book traineeship and assisted her unit with policy coordination and interinstitutional relations.

Sara is passionate about social justice and policies and, in particular, about human health and wellbeing. She is especially interested in horizontal and participative approaches to governance and knowledge creation.