Meritxell is a medical doctor recently graduated from the University of Barcelona and in pursuance of a career at the intersection of medical oncology and global health governance.

Driven by the purpose to contribute to human wellbeing, she has been engaged in a variety of projects at local, national and international level led by the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). Meritxell defended her master thesis on the topic of breast cancer and brain metastasis, for which she received a scholarship from the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC).

She currently serves as a Research Associate for the Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL) working on cancer prevention-related projects from a broad European perspective, besides representing the NGO as a Youth Ambassador at a national level.  She has recently joined the epidemiology department (SUVEC) of the Catalan public health ministry to work on the COVID-19 pandemic surveillance.

Meritxell holds a particular interest in translational research as well as projects tackling cancer from a public health perspective, especially the World Health Organization’s call towards cervical cancer elimination, as it bridges together oncology with global health and a fundamental underlaying gender and health inequality perspective.