About the ECL Youth Competition | 17 March – 30 April 2021

To mark European Immunization Week 2021, ECL is organising a Youth Competition as part of the European Joint Action on Vaccinations. This Youth Competition aims to raise awareness among young people residing within the WHO European Region about:

The competition encourages young people under 26 years old to create visual designs, short videos and case studies. Shortlisted posters and videos will be disseminated during the European Week Against Cancer in May 2021.

All submission must be related to evidence-based facts and information to Human papillomavirus (HPV). Messages are required to be in line with information on vaccinating against HPV as provided here.

HPV Vaccination

Submissions should encourage vaccination against the Human Papilloma viruses (HPV)


Creativity competition & Case study competition


This competition is open to anyone under 26 years old residing in the WHO European Region

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 Overview & Rules

  • This competition is open to students  and young professionals under 26 years old residing within the WHO European Region (regardless of nationality).
  • All submissions must adhere to the competition’s rules, rights & obligations.
  • Submissions must follow the following themes: (i) the importance of HPV vaccination for
    cancer prevention, (ii) promoting the uptake of HPV vaccination and/or (iii) the WHO
    Global Strategy for the acceleration of cervical cancer
  • Submission must be based on and follow one of the evidence-based facts about HPV and HPV vaccination provided in the ECL’s List of Facts.
  • Submissions should be written in English; for videos, the language should be English or
    there should be English subtitles.
  • Only two submission per participant are permitted.
  • All participants should post their entries on their social media accounts, tagging ECL (Instagram: @cancercode / Facebook @europeancancercode) and using the following hashtags: #BeWiseImmunise, #VaccinesWork & #ImmunizeEurope
  • All submissions  must be received by 30 April 2021 (23:59 CEST).


Case Study Competition


Submissions must be based on evidence-based facts  and information about HPV and HPV vaccination.

To help you come up with your visual designs, videos and case studies, you can check the following resources:


Selection Criteria 

All submissions will be judged by an experts’ jury according to the following criteria:

  • Adherence to the competition’s themes – The use of combined visuals and text to convey the theme (how well does your entry convey the theme?) 
  • Quality of content – The use of valid and accurate information presented in a visually pleasing and understandable manner (how clear is your message? is your submission based on evidence-based messages?  is your submission appropriate for the target audience?)
  • Level of creativity and originality – The aesthetic use of design elements to convey the message
  • Overall impact of the submission – the emotional impact evoked by the submissions as influenced by their composition and presentation.

Judging Procedure and Timeline

  • The ECL Secretariat will check that entries meet the eligibility requirements and do a first screening soon after the deadline.
  • The shortlisted posters, videos and case studies will be announced in early May 2021.
  • The winners will be announced in mid-May  and their entries disseminate during European Week Against Cancer (25-31 May).

ECL is a partner in the 3-year EU Joint Action on Vaccinations (EU-JAV) 2018-21. EU-JAV aims to strengthen cooperation between European countries to fight vaccine-preventable diseases by delivering and sharing concrete tools for stronger national responses to vaccination challenges. EU-JAV is run by a consortium of 20 partners in 17 EU Member States and 3 non-EU countries. 

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