Gjergji is a European Studies student at the College of Europe in Natolin, where he is finishing his MA degree by June 2018. He is an active member of the European Alternatives transnational organization, where he represents Albania promoting the EU values that the organization shares. He has been engaged in different youth projects and initiatives in Albania, in particular with AIESEC Albania, where he volunteered for several months, advocating for intercultural dialogue between youth in Balkans and developing programs which aimed at tackling youth unemployment. During his volunteering time with AIESEC Albania, Gjergji implemented several projects with the aim to empower Albanian youngsters, develop their leadership potential and raise awareness regarding sensitive issues of the society. Growing up in a medical family, Gjergji became aware from a very young age of the risks of cancer and the habits that cause it. Today he is motivated more than ever to advocate for preventive measures against cancer in Albania and beyond and is determined that with the help and coordination of ECL, the fight against cancer will achieve new landmarks in Albanian society.