Gizem ACAR


Gizem is a clinical dietitian and nutritionist. She graduated from University College London with a master’s degree in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition. During her hospital internships, she had the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary teams with the aim of meeting the needs of a diverse patient population, including patients with oncologic diseases and further cases from paediatrics to geriatrics. She pays importance to multidisciplinary collaboration with researchers, clinicians and patients. Her research interests include behaviour change interventions, and she has completed a behavioural science course in the University of Oxford. She’s particularly focused in designing various healthcare interventions and further in linking research with policy-making. Her goal is to work across disciplines within cancer prevention, primarily specialising in nutrition and public health promotion. She’s a member of the Turkish Society of Clinical Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition. In her spare time, Gizem enjoys freediving and swimming.