Emma Jayne has recently graduated from the University of Malta with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry. At the same institution, she is currently reading for a Master’s degree in Applied Biomedical Science, with specialization in cancer genetics and genomics. Her current research involves differential gene expression analysis of pituitary adenomas. In addition to cancer research, she is also greatly passionate about mental health awareness (in fact, she is also a mental health first aider), animal rights and music. During her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, reading a good book, and learning languages.

Emma is a highly driven and motivated individual. She enjoys trying out new challenges which are out of her comfort zone. This, along with the fact that she enjoys helping others and is intrigued about cancer research, is what encouraged her to apply for this role. During her time as an ECL youth ambassador, Emma aims to gain further insight on the current and upcoming cancer research, take part in initiatives to spread awareness about cancer prevention on both a national and international level, and inspire other youths to engage and join the battle against cancer.